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Updated 03/02/2007




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Jimmy Gilland
Brenda (Nail) Simpson
Carol Horton
Larry Davisson
Cliff Buchanan
Sharon (Wellman) Longino
Rhonda (Murchinson) Lyne
Carol Ann (Zee) Spencer
Juanita (Bolton) Hamilton
Pete Stull
Roy Hart
Merita (Hart) Hammond
Lou Ann (Hitt) Kirk
Nita (Baldwin) Glenn
Judy (Cain) Singleton
Judy (Paris) Tripp
Tex Paris
Doris Jane (Moore) Sewell
Randy Gibson
Audry (Gibson) Harville
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Cliff Buchanan (432) 550-3302 cliff@ohs59.com 
Juanita (Hamilton) Bolton (432) 381-4500 jjh58@juno.com 

FAVORS (i.e. T-shirt, pens, cups)

Carol Horton
Nita (Baldwin) Glenn
Doris Jane (Moore) Sewell
Randy Gibson
Audry (Gibson) Harville
Jimmy Gilland
Juanita (Hamilton) Bolton (432) 381-4500 jjh58@juno.com 


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Date Committee Meeting Minutes
01/16/07 Twelve brave souls and three guests brave the weather and snow to attend the meeting/meal on January 16, 2007. Those who attended were Nan Black, Jenola Johnson Flowers, Jim Gilliland, Linda Shaffer Stewart, Cliff Buchanan, Tex Paris, Judie Paris, Doris Jane Moore, Carole Ann Spence Zoe, Jane Murrell Hext, Marilyn Wall Kindel, Carol Horton. Guests were Nan's husband, Doris Jane's husband and Linda's brother. Several had other committments, Ann Kail Ellison had a project that had to be finished that evening, Macolm Coombes was out of town (not just out of Odessa, but
out of Hobbs), Nita Glenn Baldwin was attending her granddaughter's graduation from advanced culinary training in the Air Force, others were kept in by the weather. Tommy Rucker had called Cliff to catch up and to stay in touch. Tex reported that Terry Wall has had some heart trouble and has had surgery.  We wish him the best and a speedy recovery. We lost another class mate when Bert Fisher passed away in December.  Caron Sue Sramek Babcock lost her father in December. As a point of information, and about a week after the meeting I want to also include that class mate Jimmy Prichard's wife, Phyllis, class 1960, passed away on January 19. We decided to change the meeting time to 6:00 p.m. The next meeting will be April 3,2007 at 6:00 pm at Manuel's. Carol Horton
Fifteen committee members met on Tuesday, August 10 for a meeting.  Those attending were Ronda Lyne, Tex and Judie Paris, Lou Ann Hitt, Judith Cain, Carole Ann Zee, Doris Jane Moore, Brenda Nail, Randy and Audry Gibson, Jim Gilliland, Sharon Eady, Larry Davisson and Carol Horton.  

Larry reported we have $2490 in acct.  Doris Jane said she had an additional $605 in registration fees.  There is a balance of $660 in the MM+.  

Marjorie Thornton is now at home.  Jim Gilliland told us his grandson's test have come back clear with no sign of cancer at this time--VERY GOOD NEWS,  we need to all remember these and others in our thoughts.

The ball point pens have been ordered, paid for and are in our possession.  Carol will contact the OHS Booster Club to see if they will come to the hotel between 5:00 and 6:30 Friday so if any wants to purchase a T-shirt as well as any other OHS "goodies" they may want to bring to sell.  

Several volunteered to meet at Nita's Stained Glass at 9:30 am Saturday August 21 to clean the glass plagues.  

There have been 32 football tickets spoken for/bought.  If anyone wants a ticket they are $6 each and they need to send the money and name(s) to Carol Horton  1609 N. Sam Houston 79761 she will purchase the tickets and have them at the hotel by 5:00 pm Friday afternoon Sept 24.  (Game starts at 7:30)

Doris Jane reported she has gotten 80 registration forms.  There are nine who have sent registration forms but no money.  Those are not really registered UNTIL the money is sent, all are reminded that the deadline for the $55 (each) registration fee is August 24, beginning August 25 the fee goes to $60 each.  

We will beginning meeting more frequently beginning August 24.  Meetings scheduled from now till the reunion are:  August 24; September 7; September 21. We will continue to meet at The Market Grill and Bar IN THE PARTY ROOM at 7:00 !!     TARGET DATE  SEPTEMBER 24-25.

Respectively submitted
Carol Horton

JULY 12, 2004

Twelve classmates and one guest met at The Market for our July 12 meeting.  Those in attendance included, Ann Ellison, Brenda Nail, Doris Jane Moore, Larry Davisson, Jimmy Gilland, Malcomb Combes, Cliff Buchanan, J.J. Hamilton, Tex and Judy Paris, Jeanne Henderson Finley, husband Ed and Carol Horton. The treasurer reported a balance of $2330 in the checking account with another $275 turned in tonight for additional registrations. Word was received from Joyce McCarty Greenlee who regrets that she will not be able to attend the reunion.  Margie Howery Thornton is in Regency Hospital and has been for several weeks.  Her hopes are go return to her home on Tuesday, July 13.  She would appreciate cards; her home address is 4215 Durango Odessa 79762. We will place the order for our pens at this time. Again, even though there will be several of the glass plaques with the school song etched on it will be given at the reunion, if you would like to insure that you have one, you may contact Nita Baldwin. Her email address is nbaldwin@cableone.net the price will be $15+1.24 tax. Remember, if you want tickets to the football game, they are $6 each.  ITıS HOMECOMING!!! and the Broncos play the San Angelo Bobcats.  If you want tickets please email Carol Horton carolco@nwol.net  by September 20. If you wait to buy that night it will cost $7.00 per ticket, and it is possible that you will not be able to sit with the class.  There will be an area in section C reserved for us.   I WILL HAVE THE TICKETS AT THE HOTEL BY 5:30 ON THAT FRIDAY AFTERNOON, THE GAME STARTS AT 7:30.  We will still have refreshments at the hotel for those who attend the game. Doris Jane Moore reported that 58 have registered.  Remember that the price increases after August 24 to $65 so get your registration in ASAP. 
It was also decided to pay the young people (3 of them) who will perform at the Saturday night event, $75 each plus to provide their meal. Jim Gilliand is going to check on a big screen TV to use Friday night to show 50ıs and 60ıs music video during the visiting time. Our next meeting will be August 10 at 7:00 pm at The Market.  We look forward to a good attendance then, REMEMBER THAT THE REUNION IS JUST SIX WEEKS FROM THAT DATE.  

07/02/04 The Reunion Committee of the Odessa Class of 1959 met June 15, 2004 in the Party Room of The Market.  Those present were Ronda Murchison Lyne,  Ann Ellison, Brenda Nail, Nita Baldwin, JJ Hamilton, Malcolm Combes, Tex Paris, Doris Jane Moore, Larry Davvison, Jimmy Gilliland, Roy and Merita Hart, Judy Clements, Sandra Miller, Randy and Audry Gibson, Cliff Buchanan and Carol Horton.  

Ann Ellison was unable to stay, but let a message from Sarah Ruth Williams McClendon.  Information was given concerning Bert Fisher who is experiences health problems, also Margie Thornton is having health problems, has been in the hospital.  (At the time of writing of these minutes she is in Room 612 Regency Hospital [within Medical Center] but hoping to go home the weekend of July 3-4.

We will need to give Windam Howell the number of bags and pens needed for the reunion by August 24.  If you plan to attend the reunion, registrar before then as the registration fee goes up August 25.  BEAT THE DEADLINE.

Nita had a prototype of the glass with the school song etched on it.  These will be several (25 or 30) of these given out at the reunion, but if you would like to have one you may purchase one by contacting Nita Baldwin at nbaldwin@cableone.net   price will be $15+$1.24 tax.

If you want to attend the Homecoming Football game on Friday September 24, contact Carol Horton carolco@nwol.net   tell her how many tickets you want.  When we have a total number and she can purchase the tickets $6 each, they will be at the reunion registration table for pick before  6:00 pm Friday--game will begin at 7:30.  There will be visiting etc at the hotel Friday evening as well and we'll be there when the game attendees get back.

Doris Jane reported that as of June 15 she had received 33 registrations.

The committee received a request from James Perry for 30 to 40 minutes time at the Saturday night event to present awards.  The committee concluded that they would be unable to accommodate the request.  The committee directed that a letter be written to James with its decision.  

The next meeting will be July 12, 2004  7:00 pm at the Party Room, The Market on E. 7th Street.
This is a Monday night, we have been meeting on Tuesday nights.

Carol Horton
04/06/04 Twenty seven classmates and one guest met at The Market for our April meeting.  Those in attendance included, Ann Ellison, Nita Baldwin, Brenda Nail, Carole Ann Zea, Doris Jane Moore, Suzanne Valla, and her husband Ken Valla, James Wood, Michael Tarrent, Lou Ann Hitt, Margie Thornton, Judy Clements, Randy and Audry Gibson, Roy and Merita Hart, Larry Davisson, Jane Hext, Marilyn Kindel, Nelda Clark, JJ. Hamilton, Sharryon Willman, Jimmy Gilland, Sharon Eudy, Cliff Buchanan, Tex and Judy Paris and Carol Horton. The treasurer reported a balance of $660 in the MM+ with less than $200 in the checking account.

Through the efforts of several, but mainly the web page and Cliff, we have been able to locate and update information of a number of ³lost classmates².  We did receive an email from a man here is Odessa who is helping with a web site project www.virturalwall.com  This lists the over 200 men from he Permian Basin who lost their lives in Vietnam.  He was asking if there was a picture of Carl Joseph Ellard as he is one of the group listed as MIA.  FYI look at this web site it is very touching and he gives information concerning Carl and what happened to the plane he was aboard. (clh) http://www.veteransmemorial.us/bios/ellerdcarl.htm  . or  http://www.virtualwall.org/de/EllerdCJ01a.htm  

A report was brought concerning the tote bags.  It was decided to use the same logo that will be used on the beat/name tags and on the directory.  Carol Horton will be in contact with the company to make a copy of that logo.  Sharon Eudy reported on some findings concerning the T-shirts. It was also discussed maybe considering a twill material shirt in red with the logo on the front. She is going to check about costs and availability.  The tree purchased by the class in memory of deceased members has been planted at Freedom Park (the buffalo wallow out on 42nd Street) and the plaque has been added to the wall.  We will have a picture of the plaque on the web page.  A sub committee consisting of Doris Jane, Suzanne, Cliff, Larry and Carol meet after the February full committee meeting to determine registration fee.  Taken into account when setting that fee were what foods/snacks/beverages for Friday night, Saturday continental breakfast, Saturday night buffet.  Other costs include the tote bags, cost to rent the banquet/meeting room at hotel, postage and printing for mail outs (and we have been doing mail outs for four years) .  It was determined that the fee would be $55 per person.  The deadline for registration will be August 24, any registration after that date will be $65 per person. A contract has been signed with the hotel.

After the business and our meal, we folded, stapled and labeled the reunion notices/registration forms.  Jimmy offered to take them to the Chamber of Commerce as they do one mail out for a group like ours.  As we finished this task, Cliff had the name tags and pictures ready to assemble so we ALREADY HAVE NAME TAGS READY, JUST WAITING FOR YOU TO WEAR THEM.  We hope we get to use all of them!!!

Our next meeting will be June 15 at 7:00 pm at The Market.  We look forward to a good attendance then, and as fast as time is going our reunion will be here before we know it.  

Since the meeting I (Carol) have found out that the Bronchos will be playing at home that night and ITıS HOMECOMING!!! And guess who we play--San Angelo Bobcats.  If you want to go to the game please email me by August 24.  There will be an area in section C reserved for us, tickets will be $6.00 per person.  If you wait to buy that night will cost $7.00, but will not be able to sit with the class probably.  If you plan to go, be sure you have some red to wear!!

Carol Horton, Chairperson, 45th reunion, OHS Class of 1959

02/16/03 The OHS Class of 1959 Reunion Committee met on February 3, 2004 at the Party Room of The Market.  Sixteen members were in attendance: Judith Cain, Judie and Tex Paris, Lou Ann Hitt, Margie Thornton, Brenda Nail, Nita Baldwin, Sharon Eady, Larry Davisson, Ronda Lyne, Cliff Buchanan, JJ Hamilton, Jim Gilland, Doris Jane Moore, Marlee Stewart and Carol Horton. Larry reported that we have around $800 in the checking account and money market combined.  We have paid $525 for the memorial tree, and have had some donations with appeals for additional donations. News from classmates, a hello from Janice Holloway Shera. Lois Turnbow Walker now resides at Senna Rest Home on West 8th St.  Malcom Coombs' mother Rosie passed away in January. Also Sharon Longino Willman's sister-in-law Judy Longino passed away just after the meeting. Carol Horton will take an annual to Chris Trillery, he will scan the front of the book to be used on the tote bags.  Red with white lettering. It was decided to go with long sleeved T-shirts rather than polo shirts.  Sharon Eady and Judith Cain will check prices, the shirts will be red with white logo. We also decided not to have mouse pads. Nita Baldwin will produce the bevled glass "frame" with the school song etched on it.  An appeal was issued for help to clean the glass after the sand blasting to help keep cost down. Doris Jane Moore, Larry Davisson, Cliff Buchanan and Carol Horton will meet to determine a budget, establish a registration form and set a price per person.  We hope to have the registration forms in the mail in early April.

The meeting will be April 6, 7:00 at The Market Party Room.




The OHS 1959 Reunion Committee met November 4, 2003 for its tri monthly meeting. Twenty four people, twenty three classmates and one guest, attended the meeting on November 4.  Attending were Ann Ellis, Judith Cain, Jimmy Gilliland, Nelda Clark, Suzanne Valla, Carolyn (Dillard) Miller, Nita Baldwin, Brenda Nail, Sharon Wicks, Margie Thornton, Rhonda Lyne, JJ Hamilton, Lou Ann Hitt, Kay (Dillard) Graham, guest, Malcolm Coombs, Pete Stull, Marilyn Kindel, Jane Hext, Doris Jane Moore, Sandy Miller, Mary Lou Anderson, Cliff Buchanan and Carol Horton. UNFINISHED BUSINESS: 

  • Email correspondence from Glenda Pryor, George Hollis, Guyneth (Layton) Stanford, Jerry Ormand, J.B. Stringer, Jerry Clay, and Patricia (Allison) Wilson.  Word has also been received and relayed that Lois Walker Turnbow is now residing in Seinna Care Center on West 8th Street in Odessa.
  • Jim Gilliland reported on progress of his grandson (see the email sent by Cliff for fuller report)  
  • we will purchase the canvas bags for $3 from Howell and Windham Advertising here in Odessa
  • no action was taken on the polo shirts, Sharon Wicks will check on prices
  • Lou Ann Hitt and Margie Thornton are working on the memorial board.  Pictures of deceased class mates will be placed on a board.
  • Cliff Buchanan will make the name tags/beats on the computer.  These will have our pictures on the tag with name.  A suggestion has been made that the guest or spouse of a classmate have the name of the classmate on their tag as well.
  • Margie has check with Keep Odessa Beautiful concerning a tree to be planted in memory of deceased classmates.  KOB suggests several trees that range in price from $500 to $1000.   We voted to appropriate $500 for the tree, but also ask classmates for donations to fund the tree.  In the mean time Nelda Clark and Mary Lou Anderson will check about the possibility of getting a tree free to be planted.  In addition to the tree, a memorial plaque will be placed at the tree honoring the deceased members of the class.
  • we will order the mouse pads from the company Jenola Flowers has contacted; they seem to have the better deal
  • The chairman proposed that the class donate $100 to the March To The Roses Fund to help the OHS and PHS bands with their trip to the Tournament of Roses parade Jan 1.  The members present prefered to give individual donations and $250 was collected.  It was also decided to give other classmates the opportunity to donate to the fund.  (FOR YOUR INFORMATION SINCE THE MEETING, THE MONEY HAS BEEN HANDED TO BILL HARDEN, DIRECTOR OF THE OHS BAND AND AN EMAIL HAS GONE OUT TO ALL MEMBERS WITH THE OPPORTUNITY TO GIVE)
  • Cliff asked for volunteers to help make some phone calls to contact people that we do not have "good" addresses on.

  • our next meeting will be February 4, 2004 at The Market Bar and Grill in the PARTY ROOM OUT BACK
  • at this meeting we will set the registration fee

Carol Horton
Chairman  and secretary
08/05/03 The OHS 1959 Reunion Committee met August 5, 2003 for its tri monthly meeting.  Those in attendance were: Carol Horton, Ann Ellison,  Lou Ann Hitt, Margie Thornton, Pete & Claudette Stull, Carole Ann Zee, Nita Baldwin, Brenda Nail, Larry Davisson, Sharon Wicks, and Judith Cain. Carol reported that she has received quotes for prices on mouse pads.  We will submit a design and place an order soon after the first of the year. The group decided we would order polo shirts instead of T-shirts.  Sharon Eudy is going to check on prices of the shirt, minimum number needed to order. Margie Thornton and Lou Ann Hitt will gather info on deceased members and bring some ideas of a design for the memorial board. Carol  will contact Jenola to check prices for canvas bags We decided not to order the prizes given to winners of "most grandkids, great grandkids, come furtherest" etc for committee members, if the committee wants one they will need to place an order with Nita and pay for it. We will order only the number of directories necessary (ordered on registration form) and will charge $5 each.  (the directory is on our web site so some may not want a "hard copy") Carol was directed to contact Tammie Coleman, contact at the hotel, for pictures to put on our web site. The next meeting will be November 4, 7:00, The Market on 7th ST. Carol Horton
05/12/03 On Tuesday, May 6, 2003 the following members of the Reunion Committee met for its tri monthly meeting.  Ann Ellison, Carole Ann Zee, Jack Burkes,  Beverly Garlington Burkes, Cliff Buchanan, Lou Ann Hitt, Judy Clements, Sharon Wicks, Larry Davisson, JJ (Nita) Hamilton, Jim Gilliand, Doris Jane Moore, Wade Drennan and Carol Horton attended.  We were glad to have Wade and his brother Lawrence with us, they made a special detour to Arizona from Oklahoma, to attend the meeting.  Wade has found a number of our "lost" classmates via the internet.  (Good example of what those who are not in Odessa can do to help with the reunion) Several of our "regulars" were not with us--one of our own, Jane Hext and her daughters were speaking that night at a women's forum and several went to hear them.  Other items, of unfinished business was to read emails from about 10 or 12 classmates, some of the "found ones", announcement of passing of Caron Sue Srameck Babcock's mother-in-law (in May), Jerry (Punk) Cosby's mother (in January) classmate Gail Burnett in an auto accident in April.

Carol reported that she had been in contact with Jerry Edgin and Felton Smith concerning the Ector High School reunion breakfast.  Jerry had written asking if we would be interested in having breakfast together on Saturday morning.  At this point, we do not know the exact time and date, but will let you know as soon as we get the information. Carol also reminded everyone to consider making a $20 donation to the web page fund. Cliff is doing a great job and if you have not checked lately go to www.ohs59.com . If you can make the donation send your check made to OHS Class of 1959 Reunion to Larry Davisson. Click here for the Supporters page.

The decision was made to have the reunion on September 24-25, 2004.  Put it on your calendar, you will be getting MUCH information after the next meeting. Our next meeting will be Tuesday, August 12, 2003 at the Market on 7th.  If you can be there or make route changes to come BE THERE.  We really need to have a large group beginning in August since we will be making FIRM plans concerning the reunion--such as ordering items we want to have for the reunion. 
Carol Horton

Our next meeting will be August 12, 2003
at The Market--Garden Room--7:00 pm

02/11/03 The reunion committee met at The Market on February 11.  Those present were Nita Baldwin, Brenda Nail, Sharon Wicks, Judie Gibson, Nelda Clark, Judy Clements, Cliff Buchanan, Nita Hamilton, Lou Ann Hitt, Carole Ann Zea, John Martinez, Tex Paris, Leonard Monroe, Malcom Coombes, Pete and Claudette Stull, Jim Gilland and Carol Horton.  Pete and Claudette's daughter was with them.  Several of our "regulars" were unable to attend due to illness, Ann Ellison, Margie Thorton and Doris Jane Moore.  Rhonda Lyne's Dad, Gaines Murchison, passed away late January. Carol read a list of things that we have decided on for the reunion, many of these have not been "fleshed out" so if you have any ideas, please pass them along.  On Feb 11, a suggestion was made concerning # 7--that we use the money to plant a tree or possible look into a piece of sculpture for the new Heritage Park at the site of the "buffalo wallow" on 42nd.
  1. instead of offering a discount for early registration, anyone who registers and pays before our pre-reigistration deadline will have their name put in the hat for a prize   drawing at the reunion.  If the personıs name is picked, we are going to refund the registration fee.
  2. on the Friday night we will invite the 1957-61 OHS/EHS/PHS
  3. canvas goodie bags with OHS class 1959 imprinted  someway (logo) .  In the bag--pen, notepad, etc and maybe Chamber of Commerce lit and info from ECISD
  4. mouse pad
  5. T-shirts
  6. photo frame with beveled edge to be etched for those who are winners of ³most grandchildren, great grandchildren² and members of the reunion committee
  7. a way to memorialize deceased classmember some ideas put forth have been a poster board with pictures of the deceased, a ballon release, a ³fund raiser² for something like cancer, heart etc. in memory of classmates or others. 
  8. ³beats² with picture for name tags

An email has been received from Jerry Edgin, Ector High School reunion committee. They want to invite the OHS class to have lunch or breakfast with them at their reunion to be held in September 2003.  We have told them we would be happy for the invitation, they are to let us know when, where and if lunch or breakfast.  This will be placed on our web site and Cliff will send an e-mail out.

Our next meeting will be May 6
at The Market--Garden Room--7:00 pm

See you there.
Carol Horton
Chairman/Acting Secretary also

11/05/02 The reunion committee met at the Market Bar and Grill on November 5, 2002. Attending were: Ann Ellison, Margie Thornton, Lou Ann Hitt, Judie Gibson, JJ  Hamilton, Brenda Nail, Carole Ann Zee, Judith Cain, Nita Baldwin, Judy Clements, Jimmy Gilliland, Cliff Buchanan, Larry Davisson, Sharon Wicks, Pete Stull, Claudette Stull, Betty Jack, visiting with the Stulls, Jane Hext and Carol Horton. The "favor" ideas were presented: a canvas bag with OHS logo, ball point pins, and Jeonla is going to check on the mouse pads. Nita said she has not found a crystal paper weight that she liked or that was in our price range, she had a beveled edged glass about 5x6 that can be engraved with anything we want. The glass has a "foot" that will allow it to stand up.

Another idea that was presented that the class would denote to a "cause" such as cancer, heart disease or Altzimer's. We also discussed ways the money could be raised--let folks just donate in a box, "sell" something for a donation. If anyone has any ideas along this line, please let the committee know by sending your idea either to Cliff Buchanan  Cliff@ISISoftware.net  or Carol Horton carolco@nwol.net

We also discussed ways to honor deceased class members. One suggestion was a poster with all their pictures. Another was to have the name of each deceased class member placed on a balloon filled with helium, each name would be read, then a moment of silence and the balloon would be released by a friend or family member. A note might also be attached to the string of the balloon containing the name and address of a committee member so we could see how far the balloon went. Again if you have ideas, please let us know.


We decided that instead of offering a discount for early registration, that anyone who registers and pays before our pre-registration deadline (and at this point we do not know that date) will have their name put in the hat for a prize drawing at the reunion.

Our next meeting date will be February 4, 2003. We will meet at the Market at 7:00, hope to see many of you there.

Carol Horton 

ps to minutes by Cliff Buchanan. JJ Hamilton suggested that we have our OHS Alma Mata etched in the crystal paper weights. What do you think of this idea? Also, if no one has any objections our next meeting has been moved to Tuesday February 11 2003 from  February 4.

08/29/02 Seventeen classmates met at the Garden Room/Market on August 20,2002 for our tri monthly meeting. Those present were, Judith Cain, Brenda Nail, Nita Baldwin, Doris Harvill, Sharon Wicks, Doris Jane Moore, Judie Gibson, Margie Thornton, Lou Ann Hitt, Jane Hext, Malcom Coambes, Jim Gilland, JJ Hamilton, Cliff Buchanan, Larry Davisson, Carol Ann Zoe, and Carol Horton.

Updates on classmates:
E-mails have been received from Jenola Johnson Flowers, Sandy Whitley, Mickey Smith Valdez Dier, and J. B. Stringer. Mickey is "newly found", lives in Dallas, J.B. and wife are building a new home in Granberry, Sandy and wife are looking forward to the next reunion, Jenola sent some ideas for "favors" for the next reunion.

Sad news reported including the death of classmate Sandra Wofford Gage last month, as well as death of Neal Eppinger's mother also last month. We request that if you have news of/for the class you let us know so that we might all be aware.

Under new business:

Ideas for favors; umbrellas, acrylic medallions, mouse pads, clocks, ball point pins. We have also considered and by consensus have decided on a T-shirt that will go to each one. Members were asked to bring additional ideas to the next meeting. we also discussed items to be used as "prizes" for the one with "the most" ie. grandkids (great-grandkids?????) came longest distance, etc. Jane is going to check with a vendor concerning these items.

Our next meeting will be November 5, at the Garden Room 7:00 p.m. You have no idea the fun you missed; you urged to make plans to attend.

Carol Horton

The reunion committee met on May 14, 2002 at The Market.  Twelve classmates and one guest attended.  Ann Ellison, Judith Cain, Margie Thornton, Margie's Cousin, Cookie Williams, Brenda Nail, JJ Hamilton, Doris Jane Moore, Jim Gilliland, Judie Gibson, Judy Clements, Mike Tarrent, Sharon Wicks, Cliff Buchanan and Carol Horton.

  1. TREASURER'S REPORT---we did not have a complete report, but we continue to have good news.



  1. Word from classmates/families:     Nita Baldwin's husband Harold passed away earlier in May.  Ken Hudson's Mother passed away the week of May 10 our thoughts are with these and others may not know of.  We always ask for information on families/classmates.

  2. Carol reported that she had talked to Tammie Coleman at the Elegante Hotel.  Two dates, the weekends of September 18 and 25, 2004 have been reserved for our reunion. The fall football schedule is not set until at least February of the year of play so we are trying to be flexible to be able to attend an OHS game.  Carol will continue to monitor the schedule making process and if possible to set a firm date earlier we will.

  3. Cliff announced that the web page continues to be updated and improved. Again our thanks to Cliff for all the work put our web site.  He also proposed that we offer the directory on CD and hard copy at the reunion.  A decision will be made on this.



  1. We will have a FALL reunion, see above dates, subject to the football schedule to some extent.

  2. Larry Davisson has volunteered to be in charge of the entertainment

  3. We continue to ask for help with committees---several who do not live in Odessa has volunteered and we are looking for more.

  4. The next meeting date/time will be AUGUST 20   7:00 THE MARKET.  Mark your calendar and come along---Dutch treat.

02/26/2002 Fourteen members of the Class Reunion Committee met on February 26 for its regular meeting. Those attending: Sharryon Willmann, Judith Cain, Margie Thornton, JJ (Nita) Hamilton, Carol Horton, Ann Ellison, Malcolm Coombes, Pete Stull, Judy Clements, Cliff Buchannan, Doris Jane Moore, Judie Gibson, Carol Ann Zee, and Larry Davisson. Also attending were Harriett Coombes and Claudette Stull. Word of classmates---Marlee McConnell's mother passed away the last part of 2001; Jane Murrell Hext's mother passed away February 2002; Nita Baldwin's husband Harold was to see an oncologist Feb 26 to determine treatment. NEW BUSINESS----the 2004 (45th) reunion will be held in the fall. We will be trying to set a date the middle part of September. We plan on Friday night to attend the football game together---sit as a group, then on Saturday... possibly attend a movie matinee at the Ector, with the banquet that evening Larry Davisson will be in charge of the entertainment Cliff Buchanan showed name tag/"beat" that he produced as a prototype. These had the picture from the annual along with the information with those pictures. 
NEXT MEETING---May 14, 7:00 p.m. The Market--- Main Room
Members present signed up for Committees:
GENERAL COMMITTEE: Pete Stull; Malcomb Coombs, Ann Ellison, Carol Horton, Judy Clements, Margie Thornton, Judith Cain TELEPHONE: Judie Gibson, Carol Ann Zee
REGISTRATION: Doris Jane Moore, Ann Ellis, JJ Hamilton
AWARDS: Carol Horton, Sharryon Willman
DIRECTORY: Cliff Buchannan, JJ Hamilton
WEB PAGE: Cliff Buchannan
FAVORS (ie T-shirt, pens, cups): JJ. Hamilton
one other committee that was not listed but is needed
"LOST CLASSMATES": Cliff Buchanan
If you do not live in Odessa but would like to be a part of any of these committees, please contact Carol Horton at carolco@nwol.net  We would really encourage you to be a part of these committees and do what you can even if it is "long distance", which it really is not with the internet. We feel that the more involved the more fun we will all have.

OHS Alma Mater
 Hail to Odessa High School
 Hats Off to You.
 Ever You'll Find Us
 Loyal and True.
 Firm and Undaunted
 Always Will Be.
 Hail to the School We Love
 Here's a Toast to Thee.

Committee Meeting Pictures *

From 02/03/2004

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge committee5.jpg (53686 bytes) judy_tripp_marlee_mcconnell_carol_horton.jpg (33787 bytes)
Judy Tripp, Marilee McConnell, Carol Horton 
Click to enlarge
Tex Paris & Judy Gibson Tripp
(Just Married)
Click to enlarge
Marlee (Stewart) McConnell
Click to enlarge
Sharon (Wicks) Eady
Click to enlarge
Lou Ann (Hitt) Kirk
Click to enlarge
Brenda Carol (Nail) Simpson
gilliam_jimmy.jpg (11517 bytes)
Jimmy Gilliland
Click to enlarge
 Judith (Cain) Singleton 
davvisson_larry.jpg (20955 bytes)
Larry Davission
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Rhonda Gay (Lyne) Murchison
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Nita (Baldwin) Glenn
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Marjorie (Thornton) Howery
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Doris Jane (Moore) Sewell

Before 02/03/2004

Sharon (Wicks) Eady/Jane (Hext) Murrell/Carol Horton
Sharon (Wicks) Eady/Jane (Hext) Murrell/Carol Horton

Pete Stull, wife & daughter
Pete Stull, wife & daughter
2003-3 Click to enlarge Randy Gibson & Audrey Harvill
Randy Gibson & Audrey Harvill
Malcolm Coombes
Malcolm Coombes
Sandra Sue (Keys) Toles/Lou Ann (Hitt) Kirk
Sandra Sue (Keys) Toles/Lou Ann (Hitt) Kirk
Brenda Carol (Nail) Simpson/Nita (Baldwin) Glenn
Brenda Carol (Nail) Simpson/Nita (Baldwin) Glenn
James "Jimmy" Gilliland//Cliff Buchanan
James "Jimmy" Gilliland//Cliff Buchanan
Donald Wayne & Alma Kitchens
Donald Wayne & Alma Kitchens


* Click to enlarge

Email Cliff for more information.